Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park

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Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park
Name Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park
Chinese Name 中山紀念公園
Location Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong
Reopened 2010

Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park(traditional Chinese: 中山紀念公園) is a waterfront park in the Sai Ying Pun area on Hong Kong Island and faces the Victoria Harbour. It locates near the entrance of the Western Harbour Tunnel and adjacent to the Western Park Sports Centre. The park is in honour of Chinese historic figure, Sun Yat-Sen. Hong Kong government spent more than five hundred million on the Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park and Swimming Pool Complex project. [1]



The area originally was Western Reclamation adjacent to the Western Harbour Crossing (WHC). Affected by the construction of the tunnel, facilities in the park such as football court completed until 1997 after the opening of the WHC and named Western Park (Chinese: 西區公園). In 2002, the government renamed it to Sun Yat Sen Memorial park. At that time, except a giant rock painted “天下為公”(tiān xià wéi gōng), there was no other installation relating to Dr Sun in the park.[2] The park, with an area of over 10,000 square meters, includes a landscape garden, five pavilions with seats, and hard-surfaced multi-playing pitch. [3] Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park was closed from early 2008 for implementation of the Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park and Swimming Pool Complex project. [4]

"The Rock
The Rock

The first stage of implementation was completed in June 2010. The park is now re-opened to the public but the Swimming Pool Complex is still under-construction.

Relationship between Dr Sun and Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park

There are three reasons for building the memorial park in this area:

The first reason is that Hong Kong Island was the place where Dr Sun Yat-Sen received his secondary and university education, it is an important place in Dr Sun's life. Also, the majority of Dr Sun activities took place in the Central &Western District. [5] Building in this area, the park is a complement of the existing Dr Sun Yat Sen Museum at Kam Tong Hall and the Sun Yat Sen trail nearby. This can help promoting the philosophies and the activity of Sun.[6] The third reason is that Dr Sun was forced out of Hong Kong by the British colonial government because of his role in the Chinese revolution. He used to meet his supporters on a boat near this area. [7]

Installations related to Dr Sun

After the implementation, the present design of the Park is more related to Dr Sun. In the design, three elements are taken into account. One is the study environment of Dr Sun in Hong Kong, second is the political philosophies of Dr Sun and the third is his religious belief. [7] We can find these three elements from many of the installations located in the park.

The Pai Lau

As Dr Sun attached particular importance to the ideas of "天下為公", the Pai Lau with a right-to-left script "天下為公" (tiān xià wéi gōng), meaning world become impartiality, is located at the entry. The style of the script imitates the calligraphy that Sun gave to the father of Hong Kong Cinema,Lai Man-Wai. [7]

On the ground under the Pai Lau, a map of Hong Kong Island is carved. The map shows the places relating to the life of Sun Yat-Sen. [8]

"The map of C&W Destrict
The map of C&W Destrict

The Sun Yat Sen Statue

"Sun Yat Sen Statue
Sun Yat Sen Statue

The main ceremonial space is an open lawn with circular shape, which provides the setting for the statue of Dr Sun Yat-Sen. The 5 m high statue is sculpted by a local artist, Zhu Dacheng. The reference of the statue is a photo showing Sun prepared to go to Wuhan after the success of revolutionary. [9] There are two watering time for the memorial lawn at 10am to 10:40 am and 5:30pm to 6:10pm.

Around the memorial lawn

As Dr Sun went to many different countries, the year when he went to those countries and the geographic latitude and longitude of the countries were carved on the ground around the lawn. [10]

The chime tower

"The chime tower
The chime tower

There was a 10 m chime clock placing near the football court. The traditional tower, which is similar with the one in The University of Hong Kong, metaphorically convey imageries of Dr Sun in terms of his academic life in Hong Kong. The five bells on the tower symbolize The Constitution of the Republic of China suggested by Sun, as the Constitution established a centralized Republic with five branches of government. [7]

Reflecting pond plaza

"Reflecting pond plaza
Reflecting pond plaza

The baptismal carving around the reflecting pond is a key design element strategically arranged to symbolically convey imageries of Dr Sun in terms of his religious belief.

The sculpture at Promenade

The abstract sculptures at the harbour-front piazza depicts Sun’s three ‘platforms of revolutionary principle’ - Democracy, Nationalism and People’s Livelihood. The sculpture are in calligraphic style.

"Abstract sculpture near the pond
Abstract sculpture near the pond

Four Bandits Courtyard

"Sculpture outside the courtyard
Sculpture outside the courtyard

The intimate courtyard sitting areas indicate the secrecy of the environment when Dr. Sun exchanged the revolutionary ideas with his friends and fellow scholars in Hong Kong. Outside the courtyard, there is a sculpture referring to a photograph of Sun Yat-sen and his friends, nicknamed the "Si Da Kou" (Four Bandits, 四大寇) taken at the Hong Kong College of Medicine for Chinese.

Children’s play

The children’s play also inserted elements related to Dr Sun. A traditional train themed playground is built in order to commemorate his contribution to railway development in China.[11]

The colonnaded enclosure to play areas

The design of colonnaded in the park resembled the environment of Diocesan Boys' School, Central School and The University of Hong Kong where Sun studied.

Other facilities

There is also an elderly corner with walking tiles and fitness equipment, a 7-a-side artificial turf soccer pitch, two basketball courts. Other ancillary and supporting facilities including park office, changing rooms, toilets, car parking spaces are also built in the park.[5]

The future

The Swimming Pool Complex adjacent to the Park will be opened in 2011. It will consist of two indoor heated pools. There will be a timber-viewing terrace which provide 360° view of the harbour and the Memorial Garden.[12]


The Leisure and Cultural Services Department suggested building a dog park inside the memorial park. However, the Councils banned it in order to avoid disrespect to Dr. Sun.[13]

The suggestion of building helicopter landing pad adjacent to the Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park is also rejected by the Councils in 2005. [5]



Get off at Sheung Wan Station Exit D.

Cross the footbridge to the Macau Ferry Terminal, and then go west alone the coast.

By Bus [14] :






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