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Stanley Ho Sports Centre
Name Stanley Ho Sports Centre
Chinese Name 何鴻燊體育中心
Location 10 Sha Wan Drive, Sandy Bay, Hong Kong
Opened 1985
Owner The University of Hong Kong
Operator Institute of Human Performance
Surface Grass, Artificial Grass
Tenents HKU Rugby Football Club, English Schools Foundation etc.
Opening hour Varies for different facility, see below

Stanley Ho Sports Centre (traditional chinese=何鴻燊體育中心) is the main off-campus sports venue of the University of Hong Kong.

The sports centre is located in Sandy Bay, Hong Kong, the southern shore of Hong Kong Island near to Cyberport. Most inter-hall and inter-faculty sports competitions of the University of Hong Kong are held in this sports centre, like the Athletics Meet in Pitch 1 and new ball game matches including hockey, lacrosse and softball in Pitch 2 and 3. Moreover, it is often rented by outside institutions , thus is also the venue for matches other than those held within HKU, like the Hong Kong Legal League Tournament. [1]



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Henry Fok Health and Fitness Complex at Stanley Ho Sports Centre.[2]
Stanley Ho Sports Centre was built in 1985 to offer additional sports facilities as the number of staff and students within the University increased. [3] The sports centre is named after Stanley Ho, an alumni of the University of Hong Kong who received the Honorary Doctorate Degree in 1987, as he gave donation to the construction of this facility. [4]

Stanley Ho Sports Centre is commonly called as "P2" by the students in the University of Hong Kong, as many inter-hall new ball game matches are held on Pitch 2 of the sports centre, which signify the uniqueness of hall culture of the University of Hong Kong.

Composition of the Sports Centre

Stanley Ho Sports Centre is comprised of three pitches and a swimming pool[5]. Each of them serves as venues for different sports. They provide comprehensive and professional facilities for the different sports competitions and practices. Many institutions outside HKU also rent the pitches as venues for their own activities, for example, the English School Foundation held its inter-school tag rugby tournament in the Sports Centre in April, 2010. [6]
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Pitch 1 where the Inter-hall football match being held under heavy rain.

Grass Pitches (P1)

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Pitch 2 where a softball match was undergoing.
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The Multi-purpose practice bay on Pitch 2.
The Grass Pitches are located on the most northern side of the sports centre. It is named Pitch 1 (P1) by the Sports Centre. The pitches are specifically for cricket, lacrosse, hockey, rugby, soccer etc. The pitches enjoys the beautiful view of Sandy Bay. It is linked to pitch 2 to form a long rectangular shape. There is a wide path outside the pitch where people can have leisure strolls and enjoy the sea wind or fish on the bank. It is also the location of HKU Sandy Bay Football Club. The opening hours is 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. everyday.[5]

Artificial Pitch (P2)

The Artificial Pitch is located next to the Grass Pitches. It is the Pitch 2 of the sports centre, which is commonly called as P2 by most of the students at the University of Hong Kong as representation of the whole Stanley Ho Sports Centre. It is a venue for soccer, softball and hockey. There are also multi-purpose practice bays for cricket, golf, and softball on the pitch. The opening hours of the Artificial Pitch is from 6:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. and 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. for the multi-purpose practice bays.[5]

Track and Field (P3)

The total area of the track and field is 6500 sq. metres. It contains eight 400m athletics tracks. The covering of the tracks are made of Conipur and Polyflex with IFAA certified line markings. [7] The track and field area is open from 0630 to 1930 every day.

Henry Fok Swimming Pool

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The Inter-hall Aquatics Meet was held in Henry Fok Swimming Pool.
It is a olympic-sized swimming pool with eight 50m lanes. The swimming pool is located in the Henry Fok Health and Fitness Complex, near to the main entrance of the sports centre. It is named after Mr. Henry Fok Ying Tung, a Hong Kong businessman who devoted much to the development of sports and education in Hong Kong.

Other Facilities

Apart from the three main fields and the swimming pool, the sports centre also provide numerous other kinds of sport facilities to cater to the needs of different users. They include:

  • Climbing wall, located in the Henry Fok Health and Fitness Complex
  • Multi-purpose court for handball, basketball and volleyball: open from 0630-2230
  • All weather area for 5-a-side soccer, basketball and volleyball: open from 0630-2230
  • Tennis courts where floodlights are available: open from 0630-2230
  • Gym room: open from 0630-2100 (Monday to Friday) and 0700-1900 (Saturday to Sunday)
  • Food Kiosk: open daily from 0900-1900. It is a self-serviced kiosk selling noodles in soup, sandwiches and snacks. The contact person is Miss K. S. Cheng.[8]

Inter-hall Sports Competition

Inter-hall competitions are the unique traditional culture of residential halls in the University of Hong Kong. Every year, all sport teams of residential halls practice hard, endeavouring to win the matches so as to get the Malayan Alumni Challenge Cup, the overall champion for men, and the Olma Challenge Rose Bowl, the overall champion for womens' sports competitions.

Very often, Stanley Ho Sports Centre is the venue for the most prominent sport competitions. In "Champfight" week in each semester, meaning the week of final competitions, the atmosphere in Stanley Ho Sprots Centre is especially exciting because many students would come to be spectators of these competitions. The Sports Centre, therefore, becomes the memory of university life of many HKU students.

Aquatic Meet

It is held annually in October in Henry Fok Swimming Pool. Aquatic Meet is usually held in two days, one is Heat and the other one is Final. The events are facilitated by the professional utilities of the swimming pool, like the olympian-standard pool and the electronic time record board showing instantly the finishing time of each swimmer.

Athletics Meet

Athletics Meet is held in the Track and Field area of the Sports Centre in February every year. It is also held in two days with one Heat and one Final competition day respectively. Athletics Meet and Aquatic Meet are the two most important inter-hall competitions that could determine the winners of Malayan Alumni Challenge Cup and Olma Challenge Rose Bowl of that academic year, therefore all the residential halls would send the best and most athletes and swimmers to these two competitions.
Inter-hall Lacrosse Competition was undergoing on Pitch One.


Hockey is one of the so-called "new ball games" of the residential halls at the University of Hong Kong. "New ball games", indeed, refers to the ball games other than those common ones, like soccer or basketball, that players usually learn these ball games from zero in Year One as they are totally "new" to these games. Most of them are beginners. Inter-hall hockey competition for female is held in semester one in each academic year. For male, it is held in semester two. Both are held on Pitch Two of Stanley Ho Sports Centre.


Lacrosse is another new ball game at HKU. However, unlike the rest, there is only inter-hall lacrosse competition for male and there are only five residential hall teams competing for its champion, including Ricci Hall, Simon K. Y. Lee Hall, St. John's College, Starr Hall and University Hall. The matches are held on Pitch One of the Sports Centre annually in semester two.


Softball is also one of the new ball games at HKU. Inter-hall softball competition for male is held in semester one and semester two for female. The matches are held in Pitch Two of the sports centre.

Other use

Alt text
A captured photo from the anti-drugs advertisement by the Narcotics Department, which was filmed in Pitch 1 of the Sports Centre.
The musical Aida in Hong Kong (World Tour) was performed in Stanley Ho Sports Centre in 8-10 November, 1991. [9] The sports centre is also borrowed by Kennedy School, other charities and public institutions for holding game sessions and fun fairs from time to time.[10]

For instance, the Sandy Bay Festival was held in the sports centre in November 22, 2009 by the HKU Sandy Bay Rugby Football Club to raise money for Enlighten charity who are involved in education on epilepsy, as well as collecting old boots for people in Cambodia. It was a fund-raising carnival that was held on the sports centre. [11]

Moreover, due to the beautiful scenery that the Sports Centre enjoys, television series and commercials were often filmed there and it is a popular place for movie-shooting. [12] For example, one of the anti-drugs TV compaigns by Narcotics Department, Security Bureau of Hong Kong SAR government was filmed there. See also 天造之材 不進迷陣 禁毒宣傳片 教育篇 Moreover, the television movie Love Kickoff (南華夢飛翔) produced by Televsion Broadcasts Limited (TVB) in 2009 also filmed some of its scenes there.


Green Mini-buses:[13]

  • 10 (Causeway Bay - Sandy Bay)
  • 10X (Central - Sandy Bay)
  • 58 (Kennedy Town - Aberdeen)
  • 59 (Deep Water Bay - Kennedy Town)

Green MIni-buses (get off at Cyberport):[13]

  • 69X (Causeway Bay - Cyberport)
  • 69 (Quarry Bay - Cyberport)

Buses (get off at Cyberport): [13]

  • 40
  • 73
  • 970
  • M49

Parking Space: Limited parking spaces are available at HKD 8 per 1/2 hour[13] (on first come-first serve basis)

HKU shuttle buses are also available on the weekdays, travelling from the Sports Centre to the main campus of HKU. The buses travel via many stops of facilities and places of HKU, like the Sassoon Road Campus and Flora Ho Sports Centre. The bus fare for student octopus card-holder is $2 while $5 for adult. [14]

A map showing the location of Stanley Ho Sports Centre


It is said that a hoopoe was seen near the sports centre. [15]


See also


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