Hong Kong Chinese Christian Churches Union Pok Fu Lam Road Cemetery

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Hong Kong Chinese Christian Churches Union Pok Fu Lam Road Cemetery
The entrance of the cemetery
Alternative names Pok Fu Lam Cemetery / Chinese Christian Cemetery
Founder Hong Kong Chinese Christian Churches Union
Founding year 1882
Location 19-125 Pok Fu Lam Road (Western end of Hong Kong)

The Hong Kong Chinese Christian Churches Union Pok Fu Lam Road Cemetery also known as Pok Fu Lam Cemetery or Chinese Christian Cemetery was built in 1882.[1] It is a cemetery under the Hong Kong Chinese Christian Churches Union. [2] It is situated on the western end of Hong Kong Island, in 119-125 Pok Fu Lam Road, between Victoria Road and Sandy Bay Tung Wah Coffin Home. [3] It is a cemetery consisting of terraces on the hillside, interconnected with staircases, making it a magnificent view.



The entrance of the cemetery
The memorial stone indicating the public graves

The Chinese Christian Union Pok Fu Lam Cemetery was built in 1882. It has been standing in the Southwest of Hong Kong Island for more than a hundred years. The Hong Kong Chinese Christian Churches Union has always functioned on the funds raised by church members. Similarly, the cemetery was built with the funds provided by supporting Christian churches in Hong Kong. A priest from the Chinese Christian Union introduced the idea of creating a cemetery to cater to the needs of fellow Christians, therefore the Union applied to the government in 1882. When the application was approved, the cemetery was built in a large scale starting from the higher contours downwards. From Pok Fu Lam Road, the cemetery was extended to Victoria Road.

In August, 1976, a heavy rainstorm led to the occurrence of a landslide which destroyed Section BA and AA. The remaining complete graves in these section were then moved to Section JF while the incomplete ones were buried in a public sharing grave.

Design of the cemetery

The upper part of the cemetery
The Chinese Christian Cemetery is cut into two parts by Victoria Road. Above Victoria Road is an inverted pyramid of graves, contoured grave yards are named and separated. Grave yards include sections named after Alphabetical order such as New A section (新甲段), biblical places such as Caanan section (迦南段)and Zion section (錫安段),and sections with Chinese names, such as the 孝親段 and 孝心段 which mean filial piety in English. Each section includes more than ten rows, each row is numbered. Therefore, one can identify a grave with section name, row number and the grave number. Graves situated on the upper part of the cemetery were buried longer time ago and they are usually permanent grave spaces. Five crematoria are situated also on the upper periphery of the cemetery. Also, the cemetery office and chapel are situated in this part of the cemetery. The chapel is open for ceremonies before burial upon applications.
Map of the Cemetery

Below Victoria Road is the lower part of the cemetery. Temporary toilets and office are set up. Again, there are different grave yards in the lower part and there are four crematoria. More non-permanent graves which require timely “exhumation” are found in this part. In other words, new burials are mostly found in this part of the cemetery.

Temporary Office

Application for burial and disposal of cremated ashes

The Chinese Christian Union Pok Fu Lam Cemetery is a private cemetery recognized by the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department.[4]
The Crematoria
There are more than thousands of grave spaces as well as room for disposal of cremated ashes in the cemetery. However, availability of grave spaces are subject to changes with reference to the preferences of existing applicants. For application for burial, only recognized members of church have access to application for grave space in the cemetery. Applicants may apply for a grave space for the deceased through respective responsible personals in church.


Rooms in the crematoria are classified into three classes. The first class rooms are new and unused, costing HKD$15000 for members and HKD$30000 for non-members. The second and third class rooms are used and recycled ones. The second class rooms cost HKD$10000 for members and HKD$20000 for non-members while the third class costs HKD$3000 for members and HKD$6000 for non-members. [5]


There are a number of tombstone factories, for example, Chan Shek Factory, Kong Luen Kee Factory and Chan Chow Factory.
Two of the tombstone factories

Some flower shops can also be found. Some have long history and have been opened for 40 years.

They are found on the two sides of Victoria Road.

Celebrities tombstones

Most of the people buried here are Chinese. Some were priests when alive. There are some celebrities from different fields such as entertainment,politics,academic and so on. The tombstone of Kough Ti Shan attracts many people to visit every year.

Kough Ti Shan 許地山

  • ex professor in University of Hong Kong
  • scholar
  • writer
  • buried in 1941

Ho Tai Sor 何大傻

  • famous artist in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau
  • all-rounded artist, participated in singing, acting, playing music instrument and so on
  • buried in 1957

Tse Tsan Tai, See James 謝纘泰

  • late Qing active revolutionist
  • businessman
  • pioneer in Chinese aviation development
  • buried in 1938

Cheng Shi Leung 鄭士良

  • late Qing active revolutionist
  • buried in 1901


The Chinese Christian Cemetery can be accessed by different public transport including minbuses and buses.


94 Central (Ferry Piers) – Lee Tung Estate

94X Central (Exchange Square) – Lee Tung Estate

4 Wah Fu (South) – Central

49 Cyberport – Central (Hong Kong Station)

43X Wah Kwai – Admiralty (West)

Transport to HKCCCU cemetery

43X Wah Kwai – Wan Chai (Conventional and Exhibition Centre)

M47 Wah Fu (North) – Central (Hong Kong Station)

71 (Circular) Wong Chuk Hang – Central (Ferry Piers)

71P Sham Wan – Central (Ferry Piers)

40 Wah Fu (North) – Wan Chai Ferry

40M Wah Fu (North) – Wan Chai Ferry

970 Cyberport – So Uk

970X Tin Wan – So Uk

973 Stanley – Tsim Sha Tsui (East)

973P Wong Chuk Hang Road (Aberdeen Sports Ground) – Tsim Sha Tsui (East)

93 South Horizons – Robinson Road

93 Ap Lei Chau Estate – Robinson Road

93A Lei Tung – Robinson Road

93C Ap Lei Chau Main Street – Caine Road

93C Tin Wan – Caine Road

47P Kennedy Town (Belcher Bay) – Wong Chuk Hang

37A (Circular) Chi Fu Fai Yuen – Central

37B (Circular) Chi Fu Fai Yuen - Admiralty

37X (Circular)Chi Fu Fai Yuen – Admiralty

91 Ap Lei Chau Estate – Central (Ferry Piers)

91 South Horizons – Central (Ferry Piers)

971 Hoi Lai Estate – Shek Pai Wan

40P Sham Wan – Robinson Road

40P Wah Fu (North) – Robinson Road

40P Wah Kwai – Robinson Road

7 Shek Pai Wan – Central (Ferry Piers)

46X (Circular) Tin Wan – Wan Chai

M49P Cyberport – Central (Hong Kong Station)

A10 Ap Lei Chau Estate – Airport (Ground Transportation Centre)


8, 10, 10X, 11, 18M, 28, 31, 54, 55

Car Park

Queen Mary Hospital Car Park

Cyberport Car Park

Petrol Station

Victoria Road Petrol Station


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