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The former mental hospital, also named as the high street ghost house and Sai Ying Pin Community Complex, is famous because of ghost rumours. The ghosts were claimed to be the second mostt fierce in the Hong Kong Island district coming after the Admiralty Road 金鐘道兵房. But since 2001, ghosts might not be that obvious after the revitalization and rebuilt of the building.

High Street Ghost House
Ghost house.jpg
Photo from Hong Kong Place香 港 地 方Copyright (C) 1999-2010 [1]
Name High Street Former Mental Hospital
Address 2 High Street, Sai Ying Pun

Bus: 3B, 12M, 23, 23B, 40, 40M, 103

Car: When one arrives in the Western Street (西邊街), go straight and turn left until seeing the Third Street.
Opening Hours 09:00 - 22:00 (from Monday to Sunday)


Feature of the Building

An imposed granite façade and massive retaining walls

It is featured as an imposed granite façade and massive retaining walls. It is now the only historical building in Hong Kong built solely with granite. The emblem of the hospital was marked on the wall: a European shield-shaped logo with a sailboat of Chinese style at the background. The Chinese and Western styles are culturally integrated. [2]

History of the ghost house & Change of use of the place

According to the Antiquities and Monuments Office, 1892 Dormitory for foreign hospital staff

1941 Isolated Psychiatry Hospital, Built the West Wing

After second world war – became the first psychiatry rehabilitation center in Hong Kong

Ruling period by Japanese (日治時期): Hospital became the execution site (行刑場)

1971 haunted due to terminal of outpatient service (門診) give rise to the name of “Ghost House”

2 fire accidents, the internal structure damaged

1992 declared the main entrance of the building as a history monument

1994 Government wanted to change the building as a private use land. However, the Central & Western Provisional District Board opposed. It was suggested to use it for the community.

1996 Government declared to build an eight-storey amenities building. The top three floors were proposed to be dormitories for singles. 270 beds are provided to citizens in the district.

2000 The whole building was demolished. It was rebuilt to be the Sai Ying Pun Community Complex [3]

Value of Ghost House

The Central Route of Heritage Trail included this historic building

Grade I of Declared monument法定古蹟 (The Antiquities and Monuments Office)since 1992

According to the List of the Historic Buildings in Building Assessment (as of 10 November 2010) It was proposed to be a grade I monument in 1992 and then confirmed in 18th December, 2009. Grade I historic building refers to “Buildings of outstanding merit, which every effort should be made to preserve if possible,” adopted by the Antiquities Advisory Board. The protected monument is the façade of the Old Mental Hospital. It is now a property of government. [4] [5] Besides, the building is one of the 42 historic buildings of the Central route in the Central and Western Heritage Trail. [6]

Ghost stories

Strange sounds always appear and were heard by nearby neighbours, pass by drivers and adventurers. [7]

Loud deep sound like thundering from the ground

The sound is sometimes heard when people walk pass by the high street. It is claimed that this is a signal of a strong dissatisfaction of ghosts in the house when people break the rule. “Three cigarettes or three sticks of incenses” (三枝香) should be avoided. That is lighting cigarettes or burning incenses in a number of three or multiples of three within adventurers in the ghost house. Otherwise, it is said that ghosts would be easily attracted because the situation above is similar to the traditional way of worshipping god with three sticks of incenses.

A woman crying: an incomplete love story

The girl was raped by a Japanese soldier. The reason why she kept on crying every day is that she could not even see her true lover to come back. Therefore, the weeping voice of a female would be usually heard by nearby residents.

Quiet Steps from nowhere?

The sound of quiet steps would be heard sometimes when adventurers go in at night. According to the information from one of the adventurers, the steps are from the basement of the building. The basement contained a prison and an execution site during the Japanese ruling period. Thus, it is claimed that there are lots of angry and unrested spirits staying in the house.

How to reach the mysterious gallery

“Go there on the Chinese Ghost Festival at four o’clock, worship with three sticks of incenses, do the kowtow for seven times towards the west, you would be able to go to the Sukhavati (a pure and ideal land without worry from Buddhism, 「極樂世界」) very soon.” (口訣: 鬼節四點, 七七子時, 三枝香, 七叩頭, 朝西拜, 快快送到極樂世界) This is a saying from the rumour. If one could be truthful in saying the formula, you could then reach the gallery.

Real experience of adventurers

A group of adventurers tried that out. They went to the ghost house on the Chinese Ghost Festival. A series of strange and supernatural events occurred 5 minutes to 4am. At 3:55am, there was a strong and wild wind blowing up a lighter which one adventurer held. Suddenly, crying sound appeared and the “King of ghost in High Street” showed up from the basement. The more terrifying thing is the sudden loud and deep sound from the basement as well. The wind was still so vigorous at 3:58am. An adventurer called Jeff tried to say out the rhyme sincerely with incenses on hands. The wind went even more vigorous that made one hard to walk. There were only 20 feet left from Jeff to other adventurers. The shadow of Jeff started to blur with the abrupt and loud “Bang” sound. The surrounding became so quiet without strong wind and strange sounds anymore and back to normal.

Other view

People would feel it is chilly in a weird way when they get into the building. According to a registered social worker Mr Chan Chi Hung, the reason might be due to the British architectural design that would give a warm feeling in winter and cool in summer. It might not due to the presence of ghosts. [8]

Present Use

Sai Ying Pun Community Complex

Main Function

It is now used as an amenities centre for various organisations targeting at different ages for non profit-making uses. For example, teenagers can stay in the building in which Hong Kong Air Cadet Corps has its centre here. Children's need would be concerned provided that Amazing Grace Child Care Centre of ELCHK has a centre to help.

Other use

It is sometimes used as a place for films like "Triad Society" <<江湖>> and the crew claimed to meet strange events and see ghosts. [9] Besides, the building has been a hot site for adventurers to look for ghosts at night. In addition, it is now quite a popular place for couples to take wedding photos here.

Suggested Path to seek ghosts

Go through 4 places in the nearby places in the Central district to look for historic buildings. [10] [11]

1. The Béthanie (伯大尼修院)on 139 Pokfulam Road

2. The University of Hong Kong on Pokfulam Road

3. Sai Ying Pun Community Complex (which was the High Street Ghost House) on 2 High Street

4. Western District Community Centre (西區社區中心) (which was the Tsan Yuk Hospital 贊育醫院的) on 101, the Third Street


Bus: 3B, 12M, 23, 23B, 40, 40M, 103

Car: When one arrives in the Western Street (西邊街), go straight and turn left until seeing the Third Street.


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